Maintaining a Social Media Content Calendar had become an essential part of any strategic business marketer’s ordnance today. To curate content that is productive for both your audience as well as effective for your brand, you need to get thoughtful.

A Content Calendar in such times is a savior. You can set monthly objectives, schedule important dates, plan and strategize your posts according to your brand needs, and lot more to avoid making social media content calendar mistakes.

Social Media Content Calendar

You will plan and decide what and when to publish, on each of your social media platforms, like every professional marketer.

According to Buzzsumo reports, content inundation is making it even more complex than ever for marketers to be innovative in their customer’s feeds. Now when the organic reach continues to decay, the days of unsystematic, arbitrary social media posting are behind us.

Let us start by stating the obvious, it’s absolutely okay to make mistakes. We all at some point of time must have thought of starting something new with our lives like becoming an entrepreneur, which actually includes a series of making social media content calendar mistakes. Everything comes with a pro and a con.

Mostly, entrepreneurs make a mistake, learn their lessons, and become a better business owner. You can too pretty much count on it as well.

As and when you make a mistake, it is very essential that you interpret what mistakes you’ve made, to learn the lesson.

So, with that in consideration, this article rounds up some of the most common social media content calendar mistakes usually business marketers tend to make.

We anticipate that by sharing the following mistakes, we can assist our readers in learning a swift lesson and enable you to become significantly better at scheduling, strategizing, and planning your content according to your requirements.

  1. Working on the project without a process

To speed up the promotional wheel marketers tend to put in everything they’ve got, all their ideas, all their plans. And usually, when things get pretty engaging, a systematic approach is an essential need.

It often seems convenient to subside working on social content planning, which in reality leads to getting off track, losing momentum, and experiencing the risk of trailing down networks you established with your followers.

Process of Managing Social Media

Needless to mention this is unproductive and inefficient. The START and STOP thinking of your procedure are not the appropriate utilization of your valuable time.

Whittle out a day every month for constructing your calendar for at least the next four weeks. Apportion sufficient time for examining the landscape, evaluating your social analytics, and exploring relevant topics and hashtags.

You can follow a more all-inclusive and focused approach to make sure that you are constructing the right balance of meaningful and story-driven content.

Social media content calendar should adopt the same approach as the story. Formulate a precise theme for about four weeks and direct your audience through an attractive storyline channelizing up to a launch, event, promotional ideas, or workshops.

Segment thoughtful and value-added piece of content to build a relationship, so whenever you are ready to request for an action the audience feels comfortable and empowered to accept you.

  1. Prioritizing the Outlay before Message

Often it is observed that brands fall into the ruse of picking visuals over message. Everyone wants their content to be aesthetically attractive, on-brand, and expressive, but the storylines and anticipated take away from it should come first.

Usually, we form the messages and copy the same in the social media content calendar with a note regarding the potential visual.

After the message is structured, you’ll find directions to bring that copy to actual execution through graphics, imagery, and video. Designing is a later step; the message should be constructed strong as it is the initial source of conveying.

  1. Share the Self-Serving Content Only

A marketer that pushes only his own inwardly focused content, runs the risk of making it too pushy and “salesy”.

In this technical and fast-moving audience not just look for a highly promoted brand, they look for meaningful, uncomplicated, and impactful content, which has an influence on their lifestyle and purchasing decision.

The content curated should add some value to the audience. Helps them solve a problem and also succeed. But usually, the marketers focus solely on building trust and confidence around the brand as an authority subject matter expert.

The basic aim should be creating a relevant structure of the content that the audience would consider important and assisting; For instance- industry news, inspirational, tips from reliable sources.

After you’ve such an impactful content, then put your brand’s spin, ideas, and own thoughts on the post.

  1. Ignoring all the data on Tips

There is a basic source of accessing data i.e. from the various social platforms. There’s an abundance of insights such as the best time to post, the relevance and importance of the certain lines of content, that can be scratched through monitoring tools.

What usually marketers do is ignore it and not optimize their plan. I big social media content calendar mistake.

They should spare some time out every month to just observe the data and scratch out some valuable insights. These can be then applied to the calendar by arranging the posting dates and time, ideas on topics, use of hashtags, and appropriate visuals to be added.

Facebook Insights


Facebook Posts Insights

You may then observe if your audience likes elaborative, story-driven posts, or your most engaging and impactful posts are short and simple ones. Connect the dots and analyze the direction for greater effectiveness. 

  1. Work in Isolation

Last but not the least social media content calendar mistake is that often what social media marketers believe is that if they work in a bubble, they can come up with all the ideas and content on their own.

Not having a control on the wheel of your organization and getting the exclusives from various divisions can put your content lying plane.

Needless to mention your principal advocates who will assist you expand your reach in social, won’t be enthusiastic about your content because they won’t feel allied to it.

Whether you are a marketing associate or a team member at an agency, as a social media marketer you must always join forces within the organization and search for opportunities to uncover the latest updates and happenings.

Take some time to have a conversation with the key department heads or subject matter experts to access the inside scoop.

Social Media Strategy

[Secondary Source: Smart Insights]


Every developing business should calculate how to utilize their social media profiles to optimize brand awareness and build trust.

No matter what the strategy or platform is, taking sufficient period to proactively contemplate your content is unequivocally imperative if you wish to catch momentum and build an attractive brand image.

It is easily said than done for small businesses as they are already slammed with managing the business, catering to the needs of customers,s and training the personnel team.

This is why a systematic and crisp structuring of a social media content calendar can prove to be a huge payoff. The entire process, the tools, and the intricate understanding of the platform are already in place. Learn How to Create Social Media Content Calendar and its Effective use.

Marketers should consistently focus on what their team does best, and delegate the social media content calendar planning to a separate team which is purely dedicated to earning marketing results.

Content Calendar

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