Social Media Presence

Have you come to a screeching halt in the number of fans, likes, shares, or followers?

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out why?

You are doing all the things you have always done, so, why the change now?

The following will show you just what is happening and why you are not seeing your social media presence grow.
In fact, it may even be decreasing at this point. Do not be discouraged, there are things you can do to watch your social media presence grow.
Here Buy From Me, Hurry Buy, You Need What I’m Selling, Buy
For those with social media accounts geared towards selling items or services, try to change your focus a bit more so you are engaging your audience rather than shoving what you are selling in their face.
Building a relationship with them will not only build your social media presence standing but will build a connection with your target audience, which is likely to increase your sales organically.
It Doesn’t Matter Who is Reading My Stuff
One big way to cause your followers to jump ship is not engaging them. Many feel it is a privilege just for the opportunity to read their posts.
social media presence
Well, a big mistake. If you want your audience to feel unappreciated, then continue to not engage with them.
By not responding to their responses, you are saying they do not matter. Therefore, if they feel they don’t matter, they will not tell anyone about your sites and will eventually look for a more social place to Like, Share, and Invite others to.
So, in short, interact with your followers.
It’s MY Page and MY Posts
Are you guilty of this one? Many are. It is the thinking that it’s your page and your posts and if they don’t like it they can just go.
social media presence
Well, my friend, they in fact do just that. In addition, they tell others how boring, bad, mean, negative, unfunny, or whatever they think the case is with your social media page and not to waste their time following it.
Of course, you should still post the things you like, but be sure to engage as stated above and find out what your friends and followers enjoy as well.
When they feel a connection with a page they are more likely to tell others they know to come to check it out and even share your content. In reality, the audience will help you grow your social media presence.
What’s the Big Deal, It’s a Joke
social media presence
Keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor. Some of your audience may be younger, older, from different religious backgrounds, and life events. This hampers your social media presence very badly. 
What is the funniest thing to you may be an uncomfortable topic for others. It is best to stay away from the big ones such as sex, drugs, politics, religion, and lude language whenever possible.
Finding a way to stay neutral will help to ensure you don’t insult a follower unintentionally causing them to unfollow your social media site.
If very offended, they may even tell their other friends and family to stay away from your page as well. Putting up positive and lighthearted posts will help to attract more likes, shares, and followers.
My Stuff if King, Forget Everyone Else
You may feel your posts, pictures, or tweets are the best thing since the invention of the internet.
However, if you never give anyone else the time of day, they surely will return the favor.
So, be sure you take the time to go share, retweet, like, and heart other people’s posts.
This is a great way to get a returned action, thus spreading both of your content in the social media universe and attracting new followers.
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All I Like is to Watch Paint Dry

If you do not post a good variety of content, your social media site can become as boring to your followers as watching paint dry.
Just because you love it, does not mean everyone else wants to see 24/7 paint drying 101.
Add in videos, other’s posts, images, funny memes that are clean humor or motivational, polls, questions, or any other engaging content that will get people talking.
If You Got it Flaunt it, Right? Wrong!
You want to stay relevant, but don’t overdo it. Posting a constant barrage of social media content can turn followers away. No one wants to see 50 notices or hear them going off on their cell phones for that matter.
Engage your followers and find out what they want. Do they want 1, 2, or 5 times a day? If so, do that. That is the frequency you should post new content.
I Don’t Want to Overdo it
Just like posting to much, posting too little can also cause followers to look elsewhere for the content they are seeking.
It is a tightrope walk to not post too much or too little, but once you find your footing, you are sure to see gains in growing your social media presence.
I Post a Little Here a Little There, a Little This a Little That
Being reliable and keeping a consistent voice will help your followers to gain trust and begin to look to your social media site for the steady content they are seeking.
This means, don’t appear to be for an issue on one social media platform and the complete opposite on another. Consistency will help to build you, your sites, and your content as a kind of brand others want to follow.
Numbers, Numbers, Numbers
Yes, you want to grow your social media following. However, you don’t want that to be the main focus. Instead, focus on relatable, reliable, and consistent content. It is far better to have fewer top quality posts than to have a high volume of nonsense.
Do a bit of research on what your target audience wants to view and polish your posts to reach them and hopefully everyone they know AND every they know as well, and so on.
As you can see, there are many different things you can do to turn around the slacking growth of your social media standings. The sooner you begin to implement these changes, the sooner you should start seeing the uptick in likes, shares, and followers you desire.
Now, identify the areas that need the most work and start there. As long as your sites still have followers, you have a chance to turn it around and begin to see the fruits of your social media labor.